Whether you work for the city, the county, or for a private company, surveyors provide essential services throughout the year. In return, you earn between $32,000 and $83,000 annually. From that, you need to pay for your family’s financial obligations – you have a monthly house payment to make, monthly car payments, health insurance payments, tuition payments and more. Being forced to miss work could spell financial disaster, but surveyor disability insurance protects you.

Disabilities Can Strike When You Least Expect

Most of us don’t really think much about becoming disabled – those are worries for other people, not for us. We’re healthy and fit, right? Actually, that’s not the truth. Everyone is at risk of becoming disabled. Heart disease, arthritis, cancer and even back pain can strike anyone, at any age, and in any health condition. What will you do if you’re forced to miss a significant amount of time at work due to an unexpected disability? Surveyor disability insurance helps you avoid that prospect.

Understanding the Protection Offered by Surveyor Disability Insurance

Surveyor disability insurance ensures that if you are disabled, you are not without at least some form of income. In a qualifying situation, your insurer will pay you a percentage of your average annual income. That money can be used to pay for your financial obligations and stay on track.

It all starts with choosing the right disability insurance policy and the right insurer, though. You have many options, and they’re not all the same. We can help you compare insurers, disability insurance rates and coverage areas, disability definitions, and other factors to arrive at an informed, accurate decision.

Our sole goal is to ensure that you have the financial protection you need for peace of mind. We invite you to get in touch with us today – call us at 1-877-221-6198 to learn more, or use the form on this page to reach out.