If you’re self-employed, you’re part of a growing trend. More and more people are stepping out of the traditional employment paradigm, and controlling their own future.

You might start your own business, or you could become part of the gig economy, or work as a freelancer. Whatever the case, you’ll find that your decision is incredibly rewarding.

Self Employed Disability Insurance

However, you’ll also find that you still face some of the same risks as those with conventional employment, including the need to protect your income if you become injured or ill. Self-employed disability insurance can do just that.

Understanding Your Risks

As a self-employed individual, you take your future in your own hands, but you also take on additional risks. Some employers provide their employees with disability insurance – as a self-employed individual, that does not apply to you.

You lack any type of safety net if you were to become injured through an accident, or if you were to be diagnosed with a medical condition like heart disease or cancer. Ultimately, one-third of working Americans will become disabled before they retire. Self-employed disability insurance offers the protection you need against that risk.

How This Insurance Works

How does self-employed disability insurance work? If you are ill or injured and unable to work, and your insurer decides it is a qualifying disability, you’ll begin receiving payments based on your annual income. You then use those payments to meet your financial obligations.

Of course, you do need to make sure that you choose the right insurer, and the right disability insurance policy. We can help you sort through your options, understand the choices available to you, and make an informed decision based on your specific needs, income level and goals. We work with leading insurers in the US, and we’ll provide you with quotes, information about income protection, and help guide you to an informed, accurate decision.

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