Real estate appraisers play critical roles in the sale and purchase of property. You may specialize in residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, multifamily properties, or any combination of those. As a real estate appraiser, you will earn between $40,000 and $100,000 per year, and that income will go to support your family, and possibly your business.

A number of expenses will come out of your annual earnings. Your mortgage and car payments are obvious. You also have debt – credit card debt and student loan debt are two common issues. You could have any number of other expenses, too, including the cost of your children’s education.

How do you intend to meet those expenses if you are disabled and unable to work? Compare real estate appraiser disability insurance quotes now, so you have a plan in place when disaster strikes.

Your Chance for Disability

Think that disaster won’t strike you because you’re young? Think you’re safe because you believe you’re healthy? The fact is that one-third of all Americans will eventually find themselves unable to work due to a disability before they can retire.

What’s more, the leading causes of disability in the US have nothing to do with physical injury. They’re related to medical conditions over which you have little or no control – think cancer and heart disease. By comparing real estate appraiser disability insurance quotes today, you can protect yourself and your family tomorrow.

How It All Works

Not sure how disability insurance protects your financial standing? It’s simple. If you’re forced to miss work due to a qualifying disability, then your insurer will pay you based on your average annual salary. You use that money to meet your financial obligations. That’s all there is to it.

Of course, it’s important that you compare real estate appraiser disability insurance quotes, but also coverage options, maximum and minimum benefit percentages, exclusions and other elements before buying a policy. We can help here.

We have years of experience in helping professionals like you find the protection needed. We can provide you with quotes from leading US insurance companies, and even offer advice and guidance to help you move forward.

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