Professional, trained, licensed plumbers are in high demand in commercial, residential and even industrial settings. With the right training and the right position, you’ll earn somewhere between $26,000 and $84,000 per year.

From that income, you need to maintain your licensure, invest in ongoing training in some cases, and also pay for your family’s financial obligations – your home loan, auto loans, children’s tuition and the like. You may also have business-related costs if you own your own plumbing company. However, if you’re forced to be out of work due to an injury or illness, your financial future could be in danger. Investing in plumber disability insurance is a wise decision.

Disability Can Strike Anyone

If you’re young and healthy, chances are good that you think disability is not your worry. That’s not correct. Disability can strike anyone, at any age, and in any physical condition. Medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer aren’t related to those of a specific age, and physical injuries can occur doing the simplest of household chores. Plumber disability insurance helps make sure that if you are disabled, it does not spell financial ruin for your family.

The real issue here is finding the right plumber disability insurance policy for your specific needs. Insurance companies are far from identical, and disability policies can vary wildly. We give you the ability to compare disability insurance rates from top-ranked insurers in the US, and make an informed decision regarding your family’s financial protection.

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