As a paralegal, you provide vital help for attorneys, as well as their clients. Chances are that you earn somewhere between $26,000 and $64,000 per year in exchange for your efforts, providing you with the means to meet your family’s financial obligations.

From that income, you make mortgage payments, and car payments. You might need to pay for your children’s tuition. You might even have consulting business-related costs, as well. What happens to your ability to meet those obligations if you were out of work due to an injury or illness for a period of time? Paralegal disability insurance can help you make it through.

Why Worry about Disability?

You might assume that because you’re a paralegal and not part of a high-risk occupation, that your chance of sustaining a disability is lower than for others. That’s not really the case. This is because most disabilities are not related to workplace injuries. Instead, they’re related to medical conditions that can strike anyone, at any time. Think cancer and heart disease, or diabetes and arthritis.

You’re at as high a risk for those conditions as most other Americans, one-third of which will be disabled before they reach retirement. Paralegal disability insurance can help make certain this does not have a negative impact on you, your family, or your business.

Disability insurance provides you with payments based on your average monthly income once you have missed a specific amount of time at work. Each insurance company has different provisions and benefits. That money can be used to pay for anything you need, too, from house payments to utility payments at your consulting business.

We can help you make sense of your options when it comes to disability insurance companies. Not all of them are the same, nor are all disability insurance policies identical. We help you compare your options from the top-rated insurers in the US, and arrive at an informed decision.

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