As a painter, you help your customers beautify their homes and businesses. In exchange, you earn somewhere between $20,000 and $74,000 per year. That income is a vital part of creating your family’s financial stability – what would happen if your ability to earn was limited or erased by an illness or injury? Painter disability insurance can help offset that risk.

Your Risks of Disability

Most people don’t believe they are at much of a risk for a disability, because they are either not in a high-risk occupation, or they do not take part in high-risk activities. The problem is that most disabilities are not related to injuries sustained on the job or through recreational activities. They’re related to medical conditions and diseases. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes and back pain are some of the most common. You cannot prevent these from affecting you – they’re largely outside of your control. Ultimately, up to one-third of working Americans will eventually be disabled, before they reach retirement age.

The Protection You Need

Painter disability insurance offers the protection and peace of mind that you need. This type of insurance comes into play when you’ve been out of work for a specific amount of time due to a qualifying disability. The insurer will then begin paying you a portion of your regular monthly income, which you agreed to when purchasing your insurance policy. That money can be used for whatever you need, whether that’s catching up on mortgage payments, or replenishing your savings.

Finding the right painter disability insurance policy is really the hardest part. This is because insurers vary significantly, and many do not even have the same definitions of what constitutes a disability. We can help you make an informed choice by giving you the ability to compare insurance offerings from top-rated companies in the US. We can also provide expert guidance and help you chart a path forward.

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