As a judge, you’re tasked with rendering verdicts and reaching judgements in cases ranging from civil to criminal. You also likely earn between $69,000 and $156,000 per year for your efforts. However, even a short period of disability in which you are unable to work could have negative repercussions. You could find yourself spending your savings, and even falling behind. Judge disability insurance helps to protect your family’s financial future.

Disability – Understanding Your Chances

When most people think of disabilities, they imagine physical injuries that cause damage that lasts for a very long time. While that is one definition, the fact is that most disabilities are not related to injuries. They’re actually related to medical conditions. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis are a few examples, but there are plenty of others. These conditions can affect anyone, of any age, background, income level or education level. There’s little you can do to prevent them, but judge disability insurance can limit their impact on your life.

How It Works

Not sure how judge disability insurance works? That’s understandable. While the concept is relatively simple, the execution on the part of various insurers is not so simple. The basic purpose of disability insurance is this – if you find yourself out of work due to a qualifying condition, your disability insurance policy will kick in and provide you with a percentage of your average monthly income. That money is yours to use for whatever you might need, from catching up on bills to replacing depleted savings.

The challenge here is finding the right insurer. Each insurer can have different definitions of what a disability is, different coverage areas, and more. We can help you navigate this complicated area and find the ideal judge disability insurance policy for your needs and that of your family. Our sole goal is to ensure that you can protect your family’s financial stability with the right insurance product.

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