As a helicopter pilot, you have an incredibly wide range of career options. You can work for news and traffic stations. You can operate charter flights. You can work with tour companies, or with the National Parks Service. Those are just a few potential career paths. Depending on the one you choose, you can earn between $22,000 and $68,000 per year.

You’ll use that money to pay for things like renewing your pilot’s license, for paying your mortgage, for paying your car payment and the like. You may also need a portion of it for business-related expenses. Whatever the case, being unable to work due to an injury or illness could mean serious trouble. Comparing helicopter pilot disability insurance quotes today ensures that you have protection when you need it.

Why Do You Need Protection?

Why do you need the protection offered by disability insurance policies? Put simply, you are constantly at risk for an injury or an illness. You could be injured while walking down the street or up the stairs in your home. You could also find that you have a medical condition – heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are actually leading causes of disability in the US. By comparing helicopter pilot disability insurance quotes, you can buy the policy that fits your needs best and ensure that your income is protected should worse come to worst.

Moving Forward

With disability insurance, you receive a stream of income based on your average annual salary when you become disabled. That money can be spent to cover your mortgage payment, your car payment, and more. The trouble is that not all policies are the same. Some insurers have very different disability definitions, while others have drastically different rates.

We give you the ability to compare helicopter disability insurance quotes and choose the one that best fits your specific budget, needs and goals. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies in the nation quickly and easily.

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