As a general manager, you’re central to making decisions that affect the company on a daily basis. You’re at the heart of every business-critical process, and every policy change. Chances are good that in return for those responsibilities, you earn somewhere between $34,000 and $157,000 depending on the industry in which the business is located, as well as your education, experience and other factors.

General Manager Disability Insurance

What would happen if you were unable to work for a period of time? How long would it take to burn through your savings and start to fall behind on your financial obligations? The good news is that you can use general manager disability insurance to protect yourself and your family from this potential situation.

Will You Be Disabled?

Many of us have a hard time believing that we could be disabled. It always seems like something that happens to others, not something that will ever directly affect us. The sad reality is that anyone can be affected by disability, regardless of your health level, or your fitness. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis – there is little you can do to reduce your chance of developing these frightening conditions, but they can all result in you being disabled for a period and unable to work. Ultimately, a full one-third of America’s workforce will be disabled before they reach the age of retirement.

The Need for General Manager Disability Insurance

General manager disability insurance is designed to offset the potential for financial trouble if you find yourself disabled and unable to work for a period of time. Whether you’re injured or become ill, the right disability insurance policy will pay you a percentage of your average monthly income. That money can be used for anything you might need, whether that’s paying your mortgage payment, or paying your utility bills.

The problem is that not all disability insurance policies are the same. They can vary significantly from one insurer to another. We can help you choose the right insurer, understand your coverage areas, and more.

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