As a flight attendant, you enjoy a rewarding, exciting career that allows you to travel across the nation, and even around the world while serving others. In return, you earn an income that will fall somewhere between $24,000 and $88,000 per year depending on your experience, and the airline with which you work.

Your income is important for ensuring that you’re able to meet your financial obligations, like your house payment, your car payment, your credit card payments, utility bills and more. What will you do if you find yourself ill or injured and unable to work? By comparing flight attendant disability insurance quotes, you can begin the process of finding the protection you need.

Disabilities Are on the Rise

You might think that because of your specific career, you really don’t need to worry about disability insurance. The fact is that disabilities are on the rise. Today, one-third of working Americans will suffer some sort of disability before they reach retirement. For some, that means an injury with a lengthy recovery period. For more people, though, it means dealing with debilitating medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Compare flight attendant insurance quotes today to ensure that you have protection before the worst occurs.

How It Works

When you purchase disability insurance and experience a qualifying disability, your insurer will pay you based on your average annual income. You can then use that money to meet your needs. However, it’s critical that you compare flight attendant disability insurance quotes, as not all policies and not all insurers are the same.

We have years of experience in working with professionals just like you to find the ideal disability insurance protection. We give you quotes from the top-ranked US insurance companies, and help you compare your options, not just in terms of financial costs, but in coverage areas, disability definitions and more.

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