As a construction contractor, you work with homeowners and business owners throughout your local area to help them realize their dreams. In exchange, you earn a good living. Your annual salary probably falls somewhere between $30,000 and $120,000.

You’ll need that income to pay for your family’s financial obligations – mortgage payments, car loan payments, education costs and the like – but you will also have a wide range of business costs, too. What will you do if you are injured and unable to work? What happens to your financial obligations if your income dries up for several weeks, or even months?

Construction contractor disability insurance is designed to protect you in this circumstance.

Construction Contractor Disability Insurance

Disabilities, Risks and Insurance Policies

Don’t believe that you’re at risk for a disability? Think that your workers’ compensation insurance will cover you? That might be the case if you are injured while on the job site, but what happens if you are diagnosed with heart disease? What if cancer strikes? What if you suffer from the complications of diabetes?

Medical conditions like these are actually the leading causes of disability in the US, and they are not covered under workers’ compensation plans. In addition, health insurance does not provide you with any type of relief if you’re out of work.

Construction contractor disability insurance is an ideal tool for protecting your financial stability and fostering peace of mind. With the right policy, your insurer will pay you a percentage of your annual average income when you become disabled, and you can use that money to pay your bills and more.

With that being said, you do need to choose the right construction contractor disability insurance policy. They’re not all the same, and choosing your path forward requires that you make a detailed comparison between insurers, insurance policies, rates, coverage areas and more.

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