Aviation mechanics can work in a very wide range of roles in the industry. You could work for a major airline. You could work for a small, regional airport. You could work for a single wealthy client, or hire out your services as a business owner. The choice is yours. Depending on that choice, you will earn between $22,000 and $68,000.

Out of that salary, you will need to pay for many things. Obviously, you’ll have mortgage or rent payments. You will likely also have an auto loan payment. You may have student debt, credit card payments, and the like, and you’ll need to pay for your utility bill.

How will you make those payments if you’re disabled and out of work? Compare aviation mechanic disability insurance quotes and purchase the protection you need for financial stability and peace of mind.

Are You at Risk?

Why do you need to compare aviation mechanic disability insurance quotes? In a nutshell, you’re at risk for an injury or illness that could prevent you from working and earning an income. In fact, up to one-third of Americans will find themselves injured and unable to work at some point before they reach retirement age. Most of those will experience a serious medical condition – cancer, heart disease and the like are all leading causes of disability for Americans.

What to Know about Moving Forward

With disability insurance coverage, you will receive a stream of income from your insurer on experiencing a qualifying disability. That income will be based on your average annual earnings, and is for you to use to meet your financial obligations. The problem is that you need to choose your policy with care, as they’re far from being identical.

We work with you to help ensure you can compare aviation mechanic disability insurance quotes from the leading insurers in the US. You can compare not just insurance rates, but disability definitions, coverage areas, and other important considerations so you can make an informed, accurate decision.

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