Airline pilots enjoy exciting, rewarding careers. Whether you work with a major airline or with a regional one, you can travel the country, even the world. In return, you earn a salary that ranges from $30,000 to $250,000 depending on your experience, the airline in question, the types of flights, and more.

You’ll need that income for a wide range of things. It goes to pay your mortgage. It’s needed to pay your car loan. It pays for things like license renewal, health insurance, your children’s education and more. How will you meet those obligations if you are injured or ill and unable to work, though?

By comparing airline pilot disability insurance quotes, you can find the protection you need, and ensure peace of mind and stability even if you become disabled.

Your Risks for Disability

It might seem like your risks for experiencing a disability are relatively low, but that’s not actually the case. It’s important to compare airline pilot disability insurance quotes now, before you need the protection. If you wait, there’s a significant chance that you’ll find yourself disabled with no means of protecting your insurance.

Up to one-third of working Americans will find themselves struggling with some type of disability before they reach the age of retirement, most of them with diseases like heart disease or cancer. Protect yourself now with disability insurance.

Finding the Policy You Need

Finding the right disability insurance policy isn’t as simple as it sounds. When you compare airline pilot disability insurance quotes, you need to look deeper than just the overall cost. You need to compare the insurers’ reputations, their coverage options, the benefit percentage offered, and a great deal more. It’s far more complicated than simply choosing based on what you’ll pay out of pocket.

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You’ll be able to review quotes from over 15 individual disability insurance providers